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Nevada’s looming education cuts (full story)
BY JAMES HAUG 4/27/11 Review Journal Top Honor Goes To Local Middle School Principal!
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The Art Of A Pure Heart

QUESTION:  If you had “one tenth” of a million dollars ($100,000.00) cash! What would you do with it?

                      What about ($150,000.00) cash! Could we collectively develop ideas to inspire & elevate?

Dear Middle School Students of Nevada!

    IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN! First-off... welcome back to school and another year of fun, excitement, new friends, and the absolute best educational environment... our state can provide each and every one of you with.

    Also! If your school or school’s “logo” isn’t represented above (and I’m sure I may have missed a couple) please click here:

My School & Logo and submit your schools “name & logo” and we’ll be sure to add it.

    Thanks in advance for your time! I have some ideas I’d like to share with you and your parents, that I’ve been working on for over 3 years. In hopes that you guy’s can add your thoughts and ideas, so we can collectively come up with alternative ways to help our great state of Nevada… with the school budget shortfalls we are facing. So we each can make an attempt to do our part in assuring that our educational system is as proficient, as possible.

    Nevada is a great state to live, grow up, go to school, work, and experience family life! With caring people, wonderful teachers, educators (administrators), good schools, and opportunities abound! But we adults have yet to agree on, make law, and implement a proper means to fund our schools, and give you students all the security, opportunities, and benefits that you guy’s deserve sooooo’much.

    I wish I could personally take on the entire educational system in Nevada, and even across the country! But in my modest attempt to start somewhere, I decided that “TheMiddle” would be as good a place, as any. And then we can hopefully work our way out… in “all” directions!

   When I look at the amazing casino properties, and abundant wealth that our state has been blessed with. I can’t help but be sadden by the fact, that we adults are not doing our part in contributing to our most valued resource... and that’s our children’s education. My two daughters are in college now, but went from K thru 12th grades here in Las Vegas, and my most proud moments... were when they graduated high school. And seeing all our youth graduate with the best education our state can provide you guy’s with, should be the proudest, most important moments... for all of  Nevada’s adult community.   

     My humble goal & personal challenge is to use “every resource” & “every asset” available to me. Put fourth 100% of my absolute “best” efforts, energy & focus to try an  put at least a million dollars a month, back into our Middle School system. And help fuel other children orientated projects... In an attempt to motivate, elevate & appreciate our wonderful children of Nevada. For over 3 years, I’ve been  developing a few major fundraising ideas , and I’ve focused on four (4) projects in particular, that I personally feel will help us meet that million dollar a month… goal. But I’m also completely open to “any” and “all” ideas, that “anyone” may have… to help in better funding our schools. So don’t hesitate to click the “Thoughts & Ideas” link, and Bless us with “any” offerings you may have. Each thought, idea, or critique... however “big or small” will be greatly appreciated, and if at all possible… implemented. And I feel in my heart, that if we “pitch-in” we can exceed “all” expectations, elevating our kids!

TheMiddle.Biz; is a profound snapshot of our previous efforts, to empower every single middle school kid… to have the ability to take the matter of school funding into their own hands. And, instead of us adults just sitting back and doing nothing. This is our pure heartfelt efforts, to at least try, and address these dire issues our middle schools across the state are facing… for proper school funding. And offer the goods and resources that we have available, get the ball rolling, and just go from there. Cause like the saying goes: “nothing beats a failure, but a try!”

The ideas offered in this site to address our budget woes, and the additional projects, programs, community efforts and outreach tools to elevate. Be they good or bad, doable or not! Will at least start the exertion, conversation, an help us pool the resources necessary to draw from our wealth of available independent means. Afforded by our heart/mind, or one’s personal capabilities. We have a vast untapped source of supply, support, and aid that can be readily drawn upon when needed. And believe you me, our children need every one of us that can… to step up!

It’s with my complete passion, drive, commitment, energy/excitement, and every demure confidence… that we can “collectively” leap tall buildings in a single bound! And we all should be SUPER an don our capes, for our kids!

If we document our meetings, interviews, efforts, collaborations, event preparations, and develop what’s called a “pilot” that’s used to land a “reality show” deal! And use our “built-in” middle school “base” of kids, their family & friends from around the country, to see (via our reality show) how we pooled our energies, efforts, resources, and collectively took the matter of our school funding into our own hands. Successfully made a difference, and had a wonderful elevating time doing it! We could have the most profitable fundraiser and platform for our kid’s… ever!    

So, talk to your parents, grandparents, pastor, teachers, counselors, and fellow middle school students. And let’s come up with the best ideas possible… to raise capital and adequately help fund our middle schools. We need our best planners, hard workers, most committed, brightest, most compassionate students to run for student counsel positions. And “all” students should take part in electing your student counsel members/presidents this year. Also, we need as many middle school students (and parents) as possible, to volunteer their time, energy, and help. In elevating and maintaining their schools quality, resources... And every educational  tool necessary to guarantee that each middle school student is afforded the absolute best education and educational environment possible. And assure that each middle school students educational experience is as: healthy, wealthy & wise… as possible!

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The 4 featured projects that will “help” fuel our major fundraising ambitions are:
1.) Monthly... TheMiddle.Biz: 3-day Teen Symposium, Festival/Carnival & Dance
2.) Monthly... Nevada “Dollar Day” Vast Fundraising & Personal Love-Fest 4 Kids  
3.) My Personal “Top Secret” Multi-Million Dollar “Las Vegas Project” Super Fundraiser Idea
    (Las Vegas souvenir product, that will appeal to tourist & locals, and possibly make million’s)
4.) Shooting “Pilot” For Guaranteed Successful Reality Show... Based On Success Of Other 3 Projects

Please “click” on any of the four links (or 4 boxes) below, for a full “blow-by-blow” description of these   
four very ambitious projects, that will bring “10’s of millions of dollars” into our Middle School System!    

TheMiddle Moves Fashion Line By'Design
Question of the day: “if beauty is only skin deep... is ugly to the bone?”
TheMiddleChallenge... via Skateboarding: (2 Divisions For Boys & Girls )

TheMiddle & Maloof Skateboarding: (“2.5k Showcase Ave. & Challenge”)
(TheMiddle Couture!  TheMiddle Collection!  TheMiddle Fashion Collection!)
Soccer Ball Challenge:
Fashion Show:
Showcase Ave & Challenge (Skateboarding Exhibitions & Extravaganza)       
TheMiddle “State” Skateboarding: (“Showcase Ave. & Challenge”)
Logo Contest:
The Bully Pulpit:
(My Story... continued)
(Limo & Red Carpet Service... For “OUTSTANDING” Kids)
Project! (Success is not based on what we have...          But what we have to give!)
(Bullying... A “No-No!” And how to end it... NOW!)
(Week In Review & Ahead... Weekly Talk Show)
(Fashion Pit-Stop & Fashion Forward)
(Individual Soccer Ball “Freestyle Exhibition” Competition)
(TheMiddle “$500.00” logo contest)
Rock’On... Dude!
  Lyric Contest
TheMiddle Talent Showcase:
(Got Skills! Upload YouTube Video & show your peers... What you work’n’wit!)
To review the first five (5) featured fundraising efforts... please click the links below:
Quick Links:
(Community services, programs, workshops, fund raising, events
(Our monthly “Lovefest4Kids!” YoungNevada... We’Got’You!)
(A “souvenir/keepsake” fundraising product, that could have the success of a hit cd!)
(TheMiddle Inc. “Reality Show!” Based on the success of the above (4) projects!)
Support System... “It Takes A Village” Outreach & Options & Opportunities
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. (Matthew 5:8)
Challenge, Contest, Competition, Shows, Showcase, Exhibitions & Extravaganza’s!
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Yes! You bet we can! And will! I guarantee, that if you guy’s get behind these efforts, and if you embrace these projects/attempts with your support! I’ll literally bet my house on it, and dedicate my life, every asset I have and can muster, and every effort I can put forth... to take these projects from concept to impact for all the outstanding Middle School kid’s of Nevada! We’ll get to all the other grade levels... later. But for now, I know in my heart, that we can start from “TheMiddle” and successfully work our way out. Everybody is good at something, and coming up with ideas to make money is one of the things that I think I’ve been Blessed with. Plus I’ve been very fortunate to inherited this especially big heart from my Mother. And helping, or trying my best to help others... is what makes me as ultimately happy as I can be, most fulfilled, and content with my life. One of my biggest goals/dreams is to make 100 million dollars, and give it all away! To effectively help others is the greatest success of all! But yes.. We can make a difference! We can turn on a light in Nevadans, that’s brighter than the evening Strip... on the 4th of July. We can bring a passion, awareness & devotion like never before to our state. In support of our special children, an strapped educational system! Or you’ll do it yourselves! Doing nothing, or trimming meat off our frail educational systems bones... is “not” an option!   
A combined effort! You guys are 80,000 strong, and not including all of your  parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, religious groups, clubs and youth organizations, teacher an all faculty members, administrators, neighbors, business community, law enforcement, elected officials, and the many-many wonderful, caring, “good hearted” Nevadans, that will have your backs! And as a team we can truly do Anything! For the last “3 1/2” years, I have worked almost every single day to develop, and hopefully perfect this multi-tiered strategic master plan to address and impact the budget shortfalls, that have been brewing in Nevada for some time. My total confidence came when I decided to add the “Las Vegas” project to themiddle.biz options to impact our Middle School budget crisis. I’ve spent almost 2/3 of my life in Las Vegas, and the question that I asked myself is: How bad did I want this project to be successful, and what was I personally willing to do, “as my part /responsibility” to help address a vital issue that may even become critical... if not given the relevance it so deserves! So here I am.... with my humble offerings in terms of goods and services . In hopes that my single bid for a heightened awareness of proper Middle School funding will not just be realized, but addressed adequately. And not just for our Middle School sector, but for all the wonderful students in the great state of Nevada. After all... they “Are” Nevada’s future. And the good part... is that I’m hardly alone in this effort, by any stretch of the imagination. This project has received an abundance of love and support... from top to bottom, and I mean that literally! After all, we’re Nevada! But when it come down to it! We take care of our own... Spectacularly !!!
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